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President's Message

A New Academic Year

August 01, 2019

Welcome back to a new academic year.  As my first message as president of the division of research, I want to begin with two concepts that are not only central to our field but that are also currently...

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Focus on Research, and Stories

December 01, 2017
In November, CEC-­‐DR sent out a special President’s Message in light of the election results and the uncertain future of special education research funding (and, more broadly, IDEA), with potential changes that could ultimately have a significant impact on the rights, protections, and well-­‐being of children and youth with exceptional needs. By the time this issue goes to print (it is still November as I write it), perhaps we’ll have a better idea, but right now the answer is not at all clear. Here, I summarize the things that I think (hope) we can do to have some influence on that future. Read more >

Urgent, Relentless, and Goal-Directed

September 01, 2017
One of my favorite quotes from the special education literature is from Naomi Zigmond’s article, “Special Education at a Crossroads.” She wrote,
“. . . special education is, first and foremost, instruction focused on individual need. It is carefully planned. It is intensive, urgent, relentless, and goal-directed. It is empirically supported practice, drawn from research” (Zigmond, 2001, p. 45). Read more >

Springing to Action!

March 01, 2017

I’ll start this Spring President’s Message with a great big THANK  YOU to CEC-DR members! Over the past couple of months, we have requested participation in standing committees, work groups, and input...

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