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About Us

Our Mission

The CEC Division for Research (CEC-DR) is a division of The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) devoted to the advancement of research related to the education of individuals with disabilities and/or who are gifted. The goals of CEC-DR include the promotion of equal partnership with practitioners in designing, conducting and interpreting research in special education.


Our Bylaws 



Friends of DR 

The Division for Research (DR) is excited to announce the establishment of a new advisory council—Friends of DR. This group of senior scholars will provide guidance and leadership to DR. Inaugural members were invited to participate due to their long history serving in DR leadership or their respected role in the special education research community. Friends of DR will offer advice aimed at ensuring the division maintains a focus on advancing research related to the education of individuals with disabilities and/or who are gifted and in promoting equal partnerships with practitioners in designing, conducting, and interpreting research in special education. Friends of DR will serve a valuable role of honoring the history of DR while supporting efforts to ensure that the division’s work addresses timely issues related to the field of special education as we transition into the second century of the Council for Exceptional Children. 
Members of Friends of DR include: 

  • Tisa Aceves, Loyola Marymount University 
  • Alfredo Artilles, Stanford University 
  • David Chard, Boston University 
  • Bryan Cook, University of Virginia 
  • Michael Coyne, University of Connecticut 
  • Tom Farmer, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Russell Gersten, Instructional Research Group 
  • John Hosp, University of Massachusetts Amherst 
  • David Houchins, Georgia State University 
  • Tim Landrum, University of Louisville 
  • Kathleen Lane, University of Kansas 
  • David Lee, Penn State University 
  • Linda Lewis, University of Oregon 
  • Endia Lindo, Texas Christian University 
  • Kristen McMaster, University of Minnesota 
  • Elizabeth Talbott, William & Mary

Contact Us

The Division for Research Board of Directors welcomes input or questions from our members.  Contact the DR President or any board member directly by email, or via our Facebook page.

Last Updated:  27 January, 2021

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