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Defining, Identifying and Disseminating Evidence Based Practices

DR hosted a Showcase Session at the 2007 CEC Convention entitled "Researchers' Perspectives on Defining, Identifying, and Disseminating Evidence-Based Practices in Special Education."  Evidence-based practices (EBPs), instructional techniques shown by research to be effective, are a significant focus of recent educational scholarship and legislation.  Despite their appeal, a variety of issues exist regarding defining, identifying and disseminating EBPs.  A panel of researchers involved in applying EBPs presented their experiences and perspectives at this DR Showcase.   

Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii

Quality Indicators for Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Special Education
Samuel Odom, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina

Using Quality Indicators to Identify Quality Research
Melody Tankersley, Kent State University
Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii

Evidence-Based Practice:  Yes but with Cautions and Recommendations
Steve Graham, Vanderbilt University

CEC's Evidence-Based Practice Effort
Rachelle Bruno, Northern Kentucky University

Concluding Remarks
Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii

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