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Publicizing Position Vacancies via DR Media

DR can help members get the word out about position vacancies in your institution in special education and related fields. Here’s what to do if you want DR’s help.


Who Can Submit a Position Announcement to DR for Distribution?

DR will accept position announcements from DR members only. We encourage DR members to let their colleagues know that membership in DR has its benefits!


How Will DR Publicize Position Announcements? And How Often?

  • DR Website: Announcements will be posted as they are received on the DR website homepage (;
  • DR Emails to Members: DR will email members with a dedicated “Job Searches” message once a month, listing job announcements submitted by members since our last email on this topic;
  • DR Newsletter: DR’s quarterly newsletter will list all announcements received since the last newsletter was published; and
  • DR Social Media: DR will post announcements as they are received on Facebook and Twitter.


Will DR Continue to Publicize Open Positions Until They Are Filled?

DR will publicize each position announcement one time. Since we will not know when and if positions are filled, we will repeat an announcement only when a DR member resubmits the announcement.


What Kind of Announcements Can Be Submitted to DR for Publication?

For this trial period, we want to be as responsive as possible to members’ needs. We envision that most announcements will be for employment positions; however, we anticipate that opportunities for graduate study positions may also be of interest. Among our goals is to assist the field in matching qualified candidates with needs in the field. Therefore, we have identified a broad range of positions and employers:

  • University positions (Clinical, Tenure-line, Research) in special education and related fields
  • Postdoctoral/fellowship positions in special education and related fields
  • Doctoral Training Grant positions in special education and related fields
  • Research/Clinical positions in other organizations (e.g., research centers, corporations) in special education and related fields


To request that DR publicize a job search at your institution, send an email to DR Board

Member Sally Fluhler ( with the following information:

  1. Short digital link to announcement **(e.g.,
  2. Title of position
  3. Institution hiring
  4. Date when position will begin (e.g., Fall 2020)
  5. Date when applications are due or will begin to be reviewed

** Note: Please do not send the full announcement to DR. Your submission must include a link to the full announcement that interested applicants can access online.

Questions? Suggestions?

During this trial, submit any comments or recommendations to DR Board member Tisa Aceves (

Last Updated:  17 October, 2023

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