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Current Awards Recipients

2021 DR Research Awardees


Kauffman-Hallahan-Pullen Distinguished Researcher Award

Dr. Patricia Snyder, University of Florida



Martin J. Kaufman Distinguished Early Career Research Award

Dr. Nicholas Gage, University of Florida



Early Career Publication Award

Dr. Corey Peltier (University of Oklahoma)



Qualitative Design

Matthew Vandercar, Concordia University Chicago
Advisor: Andrea P. Dinaro, Concordia University Chicago
Title: An Exploration of Nontenured Special Education Teacher Attrition



Mixed Methods Design

Erica N. Mason, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Erica Lembke, University of Missouri
Title: Teachers’ Views of the Mathematical Capabilities of Students with Disabilities: A Mixed Methods Study



Single-Subject Design

Holly N. Whittenburg, Washington State University
Advisors: Yaoying Xu & Colleen Thoma, Virginia Commonwealth University
Title: Effects of Behavioral Skills Training with in Situ Training on Workplace Conversational Skills of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder



Quantitative Design

Christy Austin, University of Utah
Advisor:  Sharon Vaughn, University of Texas at Austin
Title: The Effects of instruction linking word reading and word meaning

Last Updated:  1 February, 2021

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