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Doctoral Student Seminars in Special Education Research

Call for Nominations for 2023-2024:  Deadline is September 30, 2023

DR’s Doctoral Student Seminars in Special Education Research is an online seminar and discussion series designed to foster connections among doctoral students at different universities and to contribute to raising the standard of research in the field through sustained inquiry into the question, “What makes for excellence in special education research?”  The seminar program, held each year, was inaugurated in 2008, and is an effort of DR to contribute to improving the quality of research in special education.  Selected student researchers participate with peers in generative discussions and professional development led by distinguished researchers recognized for making outstanding scientific contributions in special education. Three virtual seminars and on-line forums are held during this academic year, culminating in a final colloquium that brings students and researchers together in a session dedicated to graduate student development at the next annual CEC Convention and Expo.

Nominees should be outstanding doctoral students in special education seeking careers in research. Nominees must have substantially completed their courses and be in the process of formulating a dissertation proposal or conducting dissertation research. Advanced doctoral students are nominated as CEC-DR Doctoral Student Scholars by a faculty member who can attest to the quality of their scholarship. Students submit an abstract and a research summary. Members of the planning committee conduct a blind review of nominations to judge the quality of the student's research and capacity to gain from and contribute to the seminars.  The application deadline is September each year and names the scholars selected soon after. 

The Doctoral Student Seminars in Special Education Research is under the leadership of Dr. Jean B. Crockett (University of Florida) , Dr. Mary Theresa Kiely (Queens College, The City University of New York), and Kristen M. O'Brien (George Mason University). 

Last Updated:  22 August, 2022

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