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Executive Board

2023-2024 DR Board Members


Audrey Sorrells, Texas Christian University
President Elect Emily Solari, University of Virginia
Vice President Jessica Toste, University of Texas at Austin
Past-President Wendy Oakes, Arizona State University 
Secretary Maria Hugh, University of Kansas
Treasurer Anne Foegen, Iowa State University
Membership Chair   Stephen Smith, University of Florida
CAN Coordinator Betsy Talbott, William & Mary
Publications and Media Committee Chair Julie Thompson, Texas A&M
Newsletter Co-Editors Pamela Mims, East Tennessee State University
Awards Committee Chairs Erica McCray, University of Florida
Diversity Committee Chair Federico R. Waitoller, University of Illinois of Chicago
Research and Families of Individuals with Disabilities Committee Chair

Kathleen Kyzar

Tracy Gershwin

Knowledge Utilization Committee Chairs Amber Ray

Student Representatives

RDRKatie Lane

Tracey Easley-Card

Cassidi Richmond

Emily Hardeman


Last Updated:  6 July, 2023

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